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Innovative Cancer Treatments in Israel

Cancer therapy in Israel has seen progress in leaps and bounds in the last few decades. Universities, research centers, hospitals, medical centers, labs and even biotech startups have been focusing on developing innovative methods to aid in creating a deeper understanding of cancer and how to treat it.


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In the news: examples of innovative cancer treatments in Israel that are making great strides in combating various forms of cancer:

Killing Cancer Tumors with Synthetic Cells

Israeli oncology scientists at the Technion – Israel’s Institute of Technology, have created a nano-factory, a synthetic cell creates proteins that can fight cancerous cells with the body.

Using this new technology, they were able to successfully eradicate cancer cells in mice.

Drug Delivery to Cancer Tumors Using Light and Gold Particles

Another innovative tumor treatment in Israel was also developed at the Technion, where particles of light and gold were used for drug delivery to specific cancer cells within the body.


This research has focused on cancers of the neck and the head, since a serious problem in their treatment is that they are resistant to radiotherapy.


Scientists have been aware of the fact that gold increases the intensity of radiation that is absorbed by the cancer tumors, but the challenge was getting that gold to settle on the tumors themselves.

This innovative treatment figured out how to do so. A non-invasive drug-release method has been devised, where a unique polymer-coated drug is released into the body along with nano-scale gold particles. The polymer coating only melts when the light is shone on the gold after it settles on the targeted tumor.

Nanomedicine Being Used to Inhibit Growth of Pancreatic Cancer Cells

Pancreatic cancer is considered one of the most aggressive cancers ever discovered. Patients often die within 12 months of diagnosis. Researchers at the Tel Aviv University carried out a study that could result in the development of a set of drugs that could combat pancreatic cancer. The study revealed an inverse correlation between a gene that encourages the growth of cancer cells and a microRNA that could suppress the growth of cancer cells.


Through this study, scientists at the university were able to develop an innovative nanoparticle that could selectively deliver genetic material to a tumor and prevent any side effects in the surrounding healthy tissue.

More Efficient Ways to Diagnose Cancers


The Israel oncology fight against this dreaded disease is being fought on multiple fronts. Nucleai, an Israeli biotech startup, has been working on a system based on artificial intelligence that could help pathologists diagnose cancers more efficiently and quickly.

Micromedic Technologies, another biotech startup, also announced that it had developed an innovative new technology that was non-invasive that would help in the diagnosis of prostrate cancer.

Todos Medical Ltd., an IVD (in-vitro-diagnostic) company, is engaged in the development of a series of blood tests for the early detection of many types of cancers, including breast cancer. These blood tests are based on the company’s new technology that focuses on cancer detection – Total Biochemical Infrared Analysis.

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