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CAR-T cell therapy for Multiple Myeloma 

70% Complete Remission Rate to date

No high-grade adverse effects to date

World Class blood cancer medical centers

Affordable costs and end-to-end personal escort team

After revolutionizing the treatment of other blood cancers CAR-T treatment is now also available for those fighting Multiple Myeloma (MM). 

 Through partner hospitals, among the top-10 world-leading hematological centers worldwide, we can now offer to apply for phase 2 clinical trial of CAR T-Cell therapy of Multiple Myeloma targeted against the BCMA antigens presented specifically on the cancer cells. 

Our patients story

Initial Promising results

Although the clinical trial is still on-going the initial results are promising. In the past 8 months, over 40 Multiple Myeloma patients were already treated with advanced CAR-T protocol achieving 70% Complete Remission rate.

It is apparent that earlier stage patients are more likely to receive Complete Remission.

How to apply for Multiple Myeloma CAR-T trial?

+ Fill in the below form. Add a short description of your case history and of your current condition. Our case manager will contact you shortly and guide you through. Remember, the earlier you start your treatment, the higher your chances to achieve Complete Remission (CR)

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 Haemato-Oncology Center


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CAR-T therapy in Israel is used in the Medical Center since 2017. This is one of the few centers in the world where this treatment is applied and further researches are carried out in terms of the development of this technology. According to statistics, patients not responding to standard treatment protocols, 90% (children) and 70% (of the total number of patients) were able to achieve complete remission after applying CAR-T therapy.


Available now

Haemato-Oncology Clinic

Beijing, China

The hospital is mainly specialized in blood diseases and provides outpatient and emergency services for the patients. The team of hematology experts has extensive clinical and laboratory experience, including clinicians with more than 30 years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of blood diseases. The hospital will provide patients with high quality medical services including the mosr recent tratment innovations in the world.

Currently unavailable


Safety and Adverse Effects

The side effects of CAR-T treatment for MM are milder when compared to other protocols: only 10% of the patients experienced Cytokine Release Syndrome (CRS) - all in a mild form. No high-grade adverse effects or treatment related deaths were reported to date in our partner's trials. 


Please fill the form for receiving more details, the eligibility criteria for the trial and a detailed review of the overall logistics. We will check if the treatment is suitable for you and arrange your participation. 

The Science behind CAR-T Cell Therapy

CAR-T cell therapy is part of a larger group of next-generation treatments known as ‘Adoptive Cell Transfer’.

In these treatments, the patient’s own immune cells are collected and genetically engineered to target and kill cancer cells.
The engineered immune T cells are then proliferated and tested in the laboratory, usually taking days to weeks.

The immune cells are then injected back into the patient and the termination of cancer cells begins. 

As part of our CAR-T treatment package, we provide:

  •  CAR-T Cell Treatment in a leading, experienced medical center in Israel or China

  • Travel and accommodation arrangements (on request)

  • All airport and hospital transfers

  • Multi-lingual support and local escort teams, also providing translations for your medical documentations

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What's next?

  1. Contact us: fill this form, send an email or give us a call.

  2. Our case manager will send you a hospital trial questionnaire and assist you with all necessary medical documents. 

  3. We will check all options and provide you with treatment plans and prices, We will help you select the best option.

  4. On request, we can help in organizing your flights and accommodation arrangements.

  5. Our personal attendant will meet you at the arrivals gate and accompany you throughout the course of your treatment.

  6. We will send the translated release documents and keep in touch with you even after you leave.


Always here for you,

The GHD Team 

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