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Name: Anthony L.

Diagnosis: Eye Disease

D.O.B: 1951

Gender: Male

Country: United States of America

Treatment:Stem Cell Transplantation (SCT) via interventional approach and retrobulbar injections; therapy to improve systemic circulation; neuronal nutritional therapy; Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Medical History:

The patient was diagnosed with bilateral glaucoma 10 years ago, and he received medication to reduce the intraocular pressure. While the intraocular pressure fluctuated and the vaporific sign still persisted. The visual field shrank gradually. In January 2015, he suffered from traffic accident which lead to severe optic nerve injury of both eyes. He received corneal transplantation in India but he lost 95% vision after the operation. He underwent autologous stem cell implantation via IV injection in USA but with no effect. He was very depressed and anxious.

Physical condition before the Stem Cell Treatment:

Anthony‘s general physical condition was good. He was alert and his speech was clear. His memory, orientation and calculation ability were almost normal. His right eye’s vision with glasses was 0.2 from 3 meters distance. No direct light reflex and consensual reflex of left eye. The direct light reflex of the right eye was obviously slow. No consensual reflex of right eye. The intraocular pressure of left eye was higher than normal. Both eyes moved to each side. There was no obvious nystagmus.

Stem Cell Treatment of Optic Nerve Injury for 21 days treatment:

The patient was given comprehensive examinations after admission. After a multi-disciplinary consultation, a comprehensive treatment plan was formulated, including stem cell injections via retrobulbar and interventional approaches, as well as Chinese herbal medicine. During his hospitalization, daily muscle nerve growth factors were also administered to improve the nutrient supply of neurons.

Medical Condition after Stem Cell Treatment (SCT) for Optic Nerve Injury

The right eye’s vision with reading glasses was 0.8 from 3 meters distance. Left eye had direct light reflex. Right eye has gained obvious improvement with direct light reflex and the consensual reflex. The intraocular pressure of both eyes has significantly reduced. Anthony was very grateful that he could see his wife clearer, and more convenient for him to write a letter. He wrote a letter of thanks to the hospital and became more optimistic. 

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