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Treatment for Optical Nerve Atrophy caused by Glaucoma

Name: Nura

Diagnosis: Eye Disease

D.O.B: 07 June 1996

Gender: Female

Country: Saudi Arabia

Treatment: Stem cell implantations combined with daily injection of muscle nerve growth factor and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Nura is a beautiful 20-year old patient from Saudi Arabia. When she was only one year and seven months old, her left eye was injured by a knife, which led to scratches on her eyes’ cornea. After a long period of unscientific treatments, her eyes gradually deteriorated, and she was diagnosed with glaucoma. Nura started to use eyedrops for the glaucoma in her left eye. Unfortunately it did not control the pressure in her eye too well as it fluctuated greatly. Three years ago, a sudden spike in intraocular pressure caused 70% of optic nerve of her left eye to become damaged.

Now at the best stage of her life, Nura couldn’t see and face the world like other girls did, with bright and beautiful eyes; she had no choice but to wear black glasses.

She longed for regaining her lost vision. While browsing the website, she read about Beijing Puhua International Hospital  and their comprehensive treatments protocols to repair injured optic nerves. After establishing communication with the medical consultants, Nura and her brothers decided to travel to China in July 2016 and she was admitted to our hospital to receive treatment for her eye, which included Stem Cell Implantations combined with daily injection of Muscle Nerve Growth Factor and TCM.

After admission, Nura's eyes were examined, including OCT and fundus photography. Examination results reviled 70% of optic nerve atrophy in her left eye and the beginning of vision loss in her right eye. According to her examination results, our medical team recommended a three-week treatment plan for her. Nura received two Stem Cell Implantation via retroocular injections and one Stem Cell Implantations via IV injection, combined with daily injection of Muscle Nerve Growth Factor and TCM.

After three weeks of intensive treatment, the patient’s physical condition was stable and intraocular pressure returned to normal. Best of all, the injured optic nerve of her left eye showed a significant level of repair. Our medical team conducted multiple examinations and we were all excited at the tremendous rate of repair. This can be seen in the image below, with the black central area representing the injured optic nerve.

The patient and her family were very satisfied with treatment results. Nura recovered well with the attention and care of our medical staff. The gloomy days with black glasses have gone and Nura has a new lease on life. We believe that one day she’ll regain her full vision and will see the world with her beautiful eyes.

Before treatment
After treatment

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