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We know that traveling abroad to receive medical treatment can be a stressful and challenging experience.

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Your multilingual coordinator will consult with all relevant hospitals, have your case assessed and provide you with optional treatment plans. You will get all your questions answered  and if required, we will assist you with any travel arrangement.

Our local team will meet you as you arrive at the destination airport, accompanying you through your treatment by translating, escorting and caring for your needs.  And waving you farewell as you depart back home.

How to apply for treatment?

Global Healthcare Direct works with the top leading hospitals that shine in the field of oncology.

=> Fill in the below form. Add a short description of your case history and of your current condition. Our case manager will contact you shortly and guide you through. Remember, the earlier you start your treatment, the higher your chances to achieve Complete Remission (CR)

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Our Partner Hospitals

Private International Hospital, Beijing has been delivering international-standard healthcare from Beijing, China since 1995.

Well over 50% of the patients are international patients arriving from the Americas, Europe, Russia, Africa, Australia and the Middle East. They come for the Best in Neurological/Neurosurgical diagnostics and care: this is our heritage. They come for Traditional Chinese Medicine: this is our culture. They come for the most advanced Biotechnology available: this is our commitment.

Beijing Puhua International Hospital is a leader in providing international healthcare, comfort and service. The facilities and staff are exceptional, and BPIH is the standard for the advanced diagnostic, medical and surgical care that this facility is famous for.

Haemato-Oncology Clinic, Beijing imports the advanced knowledge system, diagnosis and treatment process, sustainable medical training and patient education, hospital administration and service concept from the highest rank of medical group in the United States: Mayo Clinic, combining with our own long-term medical experience and worldwide theories, technology progress in related field. 

The Clinic provides distinctive hemopathy, pediatric and comprehensive hospitalization treatment services with outpatient clinic and emergency treatment that work for social communities. 

Medical Laboratory is superior assist department with unique technical advantages. In addition to routine clinical laboratory tests, it can carry out a full range of laboratory tests related to the diagnosis and treatment of blood diseases.

Haemato-Oncology Center, Israel

Serving as a university teaching hospital (affiliated with the Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University) and as a tertiary referral center, the Haemato-Oncology Center uniquely combines Israel's largest Acute Care Hospital with its national Rehabilitation Hospital. Sheba merges Israel's best advances in high-tech science and medicine with traditional healing services, including the finest nursing faculty and outstanding care for the elderly.

Close to 6,000 health professionals - committed to the highest standards in medical diagnostics and personal medical service -- provide almost four million treatments and medical tests to more than one million patients a year at the Sheba Medical Center. 

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Private Medical Center, Israel. Premium private hospital, provides the highest quality medical care, individualized treatment by the country’s leading experts, and in the shortest amount of time. As part of the hospital’s uniquely personalized service, each patient is assigned a case manager to handle all administrative, logistical and medical issues.

These are just some of the reasons why Herzliya Medical Center is the preferred choice for diplomats and employees from 64 embassies, consulates and UN agencies, as well as private patients from over 60 countries. 

Thyroid hospital, Beijing the hospital established in 2017 by Hope Medical Group in China with multi-disciplinary treatment of thyroid disease. 

The hospital introduces the modern enterprise management concept, adheres to the tenet of “taking thyroid patients as the center” and provides high-quality medical services. It is a one-stop thyroid hospital that integrates thyroid disease diagnosis and treatment, thyroid prognosis tracking, and thyroid health guidance. The hospital cooperates with overseas thyroid hospitals to bring international advanced diagnosis and treatment concepts and technical support to provide patients with international cutting-edge medical services.At present, the hospital has established a “medical consortium” with Peking University International Hospital to share high-quality medical information and resources.

Hospital for Children and Women, Beijing is a tertiary specialized hospital for children and women, being committed to clinical care, medical education and scientific research.

BAHCW has 23 clinical specialties, which cover 43 majors, including pediatric internal medicine, pediatric surgery, children's health, gynecology, obstetrics and 24-hour emergency all year round. BAHCW carries out comprehensive technical cooperation with the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). BAHCW strictly implements the standards for tertiary hospitals in China, follows JCI's international medical management standards, and refer to CHOP's medical and management system and procedure for reference to realize its internationalization operation. BAHCW pays equal attention to advanced technology and excellent services, committed to providing patients and their families the service that is safest and most scientific, effective and satisfactory.

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University International Hospital, Beijingis the flagship project of Peking University Medical City. It was established in 2014.

Peking University International Hospital has received strong support from Peking University Medical Department and its affiliated hospitals in medical, teaching and scientific research, and strives to integrate resources, inherit and innovate the advantages of the North Medical System, and provide Excellent medical services and medical care environment, meet the increasing medical service needs of the people, and establish a Chinese hospital management model and standards that are in line with international standards. The hospital has advanced equipment and technology. Here, patients can get multi-disciplinary medical services with high-quality medical team. 

Children’s Hospital, Beijing is the large-scale tertiary children’s hospital approved by Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning, a unique tertiary children’s hospital in northern Beijing, and also the currently largest private children's hospital in China, has formally become the designated medical institution for medical insurance in Beijing in December 2017. 
Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital set up 36 professional department with Blood Tumor Center, Pediatric Cardiac Center, Center for Neurological and Rare Diseases in Children, Respiratory Asthma Center, Pediatric Acute and Critical Diseases Care Unit and Neonatal Center and Children’s Health Care as key departments, and is focusing on providing personalized solutions to medical treatment and health of integrating “prevention, health care, diagnosis & treatment and recovery” for those aged -1 to 18. 

Rehabilitation Hospital, Beijing isa JCI-certified rehabilitation facility. At Hospital, a multidisciplinary team of medical professionals provide comprehensive rehabilitation services at both outpatient and inpatient settings.

Multidisciplinary team includes: highly proficient rehabilitation physicians, professional therapists from across the world, experienced rehabilitation nurses, as well as TCM doctors, psychologists, clinical pharmacists, recreational therapists, registered dieticians, and case managers. Hospital is committed to always providing individualized high-quality rehabilitation services, and to protecting your health, privacy, and dignity.

Services include: Women’s Health, Neuro Rehabilitation, Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Sports Training and Rehabilitation, Cancer Rehabilitation, Pediatric Rehabilitation, and Palliative Care.

General Hospital, Beijing was founded in 1952 on the basis of Beijing Medical University with the assistance of the government of the former Soviet Union and the Soviet Red Cross Society. The uniqueness of this project was in integrating the experience and knowledge of Soviet specialists with the world-famous China's traditional medical school.

 In March 1957, the Soviet government officially handed over the hospital to the Chinese government, and in In 1970, Premier Zhou personally named the hospital "Beijing Friendship Hospital".

Currently, the Beijing Friendship Hospital, which is part of the Medical University of Beijing, is a multi-disciplinary complex that combines medical, pedagogical and scientific research, includes educational institutions and also deals directly with treatment and prevention, introducing the unique experience gained over the years studies and practices.

General Hospital of Dalian was established in 1958 and today, being the largest clinical complex in the city of Dalian, combines a medical, research and training base, having the latest technical and scientific developments in its arsenal.

More than 2,000,000 patients are treated annually, and more than 80,000 operations are performed. There are 107 specialized departments, 8 laboratories and 9 training centers of the Dalian Medical University. More than 500 doctors who have received their education in China and abroad, many of them participating in research projects in leading clinics of the USA, Japan, Europe and China.

The Oncology Clinic (including the Department of Bone Marrow Transplantation), the Cardiovascular Clinic, the Dermatology Clinic, the Respiratory Diseases Clinic, the Surgical Department and the Clinic of Traditional Chinese Medicine are the hospital’s key clinics.

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