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B Cell Lymphoma

Israel and China

CD19 CAR-T - 90% CR

B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (B-ALL)

Israel and China

CD19 CAR-T - 90% CR

Multiple Myeloma (MM)



82% Long-Term Survival

Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)



Newest Procedure

How to apply for CAR-T therapy?

Global Healthcare Direct works with the top three hospitals that shine in the field of CAR-T treatment.

=> Fill in the below form. Add a short description of your case history and of your current condition. Our case manager will contact you shortly and guide you through. Remember, the earlier you start your treatment, the higher your chances to achieve Complete Remission (CR)

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Our patients story

500+ cases of ALL were treated in our Chinese partner Hospitals, with up to 90% Complete Remission Rates. Contact them with GHD


Chimeric Antigen Receptor T cells therapy (CAR-T) is a cutting-edge treatment, approved by the FDA for a growing number of diseases, primarily hematologic cancers.

In this almost sci-fi treatment, a special medical team engineers the immune system to fight a disease, showing outstanding results.

The introduction of CAR-T treatment to the medical world dramatically changed the course of disease for patients suffering from Acute B Lymphocytic Leukemia (B-ALL), B cell lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma  and Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML).

Global Health Direct helps you to receive affordable CAR-T treatments from the best medical teams world-wide*.

*While the average cost of CAR-T therapy in the US starts at 440,000 USD, our international options will cost only 90,000-110,000 USD.


Hospital of Haemato-oncology, 

Beijing, China

The Hospital is specialized in leukemia, myeloma, lymphomas and malignant anemia and achieves quick results. Thanks to the use of CAR-T therapy, the level of complete remission reached 90%. The hospital's specialists were able to improve the technology by combining CAR-T with allogeneic hematopoietic transplantation, which significantly reduces the risk of relapse and further improves the prognosis.


Children's Hospital

Beijing, China

It is the largest children blood tumor center in China, with 10 functional zones—3 general hematology wards, 2 hematopoietic transplantation wards, blood diagnostic laboratories, hematological tumor clinics and PICC clinics. With the completion of  immunotherapy laboratory, the center realized advanced technologies like immunotherapy of different types of cells to provide the most comprehensive and complete life support for children.


 Haemato-Oncology Center


CAR-T therapy in Israel is used in the Medical Center since 2017. This is one of the few centers in the world where this treatment is applied and further researches are carried out in terms of the development of this technology. According to statistics, patients not responding to standard treatment protocols, 90% (children) and 70% (of the total number of patients) were able to achieve complete remission after applying CAR-T therapy.


 Haemato-Oncology Clinic

Beijing, China

The hospital is mainly specialized in blood diseases and provides outpatient and emergency services for the patients. The team of hematology experts has extensive clinical and laboratory experience, including clinicians with more than 30 years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of blood diseases. The hospital will provide patients with high quality medical services including the mosr recent tratment innovations in the world.

As part of our CAR-T treatment package, we provide:

  • Online medical consultancies about the efficacy of CAR-T treatment for you

  • CAR-T Cell Treatment in a leading, experienced medical center in Israel or China

  • Travel and accomodation arrangements (upon request)

  • All airport and hospital transfers

  • Multi-lingual support and local escort teams, also providing translations for your medical documentations

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Global Healthcare Direct - Your guardian angels abroad

We know that traveling abroad to receive medical treatment can be a stressful and challenging experience.

We promise we can make it much smoother.

Our executive case manager assigned to you will take your case through hospital's bureaucracies, get all your questions answered  and assist you with any travel arrangement.

Our local team will meet you as you arrive at the local airport, accompany you through your treatment and wave you farewell as you depart back home.

We will bridge all the medical, cultural and lingual gaps for you.

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The Science behind CAR-T Therapy

CAR-T therapy is part of a larger group of next-generation treatments known as ‘Adoptive Cell Transfer’.

In these treatments, the patient’s own immune cells are collected and genetically engineered to target and kill cancer cells.
The engineered immune T cells are then proliferated and tested in the laboratory, usually taking days to weeks.

The immune cells are then injected back into the patient and the termination of cancer cells begins. 

The outstanding results of CAR-T Cell Treatment
CAR-T first appeared in what is now a well known study focusing on ALL in children resistant to therapy or with recurrent cancer, back in 2015.
It is important to note that ALL is the most common cancer in children and a leading cause of death from childhood cancer.

In this study, 90% of the patients treated with CAR-T stopped showing any signs of ALL (this is called CR or “Complete Remission”). In fact, many of them had no signs of recurrence even long after the treatment, which could be defined as healing. Later studies from several countries showed similar outstanding results.

CAR-T is already approved world-wide
As more results of the impressive effectiveness of CAR-T treatment continued to surface, the American Food and Drug Agency (FDA) approved the treatment for both severe ALL and severe Lymphoma.
In fact, 186 American studies and 153 Chinese studies continue to expand our knowledge regarding the potential of CAR-T as a revolutionary treatment for ALL, Lymphomas and many other diseases.

It is important to note that CAR-T Therapies are currently also evaluated as first line treatments across the world, including in the Chinese hospitals GHD works with.  


China Leads the field of CAR-T Treatment
According to the International Lymphoma Foundation, “while the number of US government-funded researches has decreased, a race for new cancer therapies has led to a 500% growth in biotech investments in China”. These investments are promoting top Chinese hospitals to offer world-class CAR-T treatment at a fraction of the cost in American medical centers.

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  5. Our personal attendant will meet you at the arrivals gate and accompany you throughout the course of your treatment.

  6. We will send the translated release documents and keep in touch with you even after you leave.


Always here for you,

The GHD Team 

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